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Shopping In Tijuana

If you park on the US side, just walk accross the border. If you've get there by the San Diego Trolley, just walk across the overpass and through a turnstile.
Walk past the large mural and turn right through another turnstile. From there, go straight ahead. There will be a large plaza in front of you, and beyond that a bridge. Walk across the the bridge and toward the big arch. The first large street you will see is Avenida Negrete.
You'll continue to Avenida Revolucion later, but visit the Arts and Crafts Market by Avenida Negrete first. Mercado Hidalgo is right next to it, and offers Fruit and Vegetables - the local's farmers market. It's quieter than Avenida Revolucion, has less-aggressive sales people and you can often get better prices, but don't buy yet, if you don't want to carry things around all day. Shop around here for price-comparisons, but don't buy yet, and come back later to actually make your purchases. To get to the market, turn left on Negrete and go one block. The market is on your left.
After the Negrete market, backtrack and walk toward the arch (photo at left).
In just a few blocks, you'll be at Avenida Revolucion. It's hard to miss, with that big arch right over it. (see Avenida Revolucion summary below)
You can find you way back from most anywhere in Tijuana just by walking back to this arch. (see the photo to the left)
On Revolucion Avenue, can get get your picture taken with a Tijuana "zebra" (a donkey with black stripes) and cart, a tradition since the 1940s.
Revolucion Avenue has most of the famous tourist bars, and other tourist traps.
From here, most people walk up Avenida Revolucion and explore some side streets. Avenida Constitucion has many stores, as well. On your way back, turn right on Calle Segunda (2nd Street) to the Arts and Crafts Market, buy what you saw before, if you didn't find it at a better price in town. (If you see Avenuda Ocampo, you've gone the wrong way).
Expect a 2 hour wait to get back to the US, but it might be shorter.
You're only allowed one liter of alcohol back across the US, and there are limits on cigarrettes and some produce.

A Sumary of the Top Shopping Areas in Tijuana

Mercado Hidalgo:
Most tourists never notice this Tijuana farmer's market, just five minutes from the border. Mercado Hidalgo is a real Mexican mercado where all the locals buy their produce and many other items, so the prices are the locals pay, not raised for tourists. It has the largest selection of pinatas in the city, lots of chilies, spices and Mexican candies, including unusual seasonal specialties from Aztec grains, and collections of Mexican cooking utensils from hand-carved hot chocolate whips to tortilla shapers and griddles.
Avenida Revolucion:
10-minutes past the border, after passing stalls filled with blankets, baskets, pottery, hand-carved trinkets and toys, you will find Avenida Revolucion, the world's most-shopped street. It's an eight-block tourist strip of stores, stalls, arcades and underground passageways loaded with bargains from all around the world. The ambience on "The Street" is always in high gear, but don't pay attention to the hawkers that are always trying to lure you in see their wares. Browse where you want at your own pace. There is everything here from Austrian crystal to Indian women selling trinkets for pennies from sidewalk blankets. You'll be able to sample the gamut of Mexican bargains here.
Plaza Rio:
Plaza Rio is a modern Tijuana mall that's most like a U.S.-type mall, Plaza R!o has a large department store, one of the city's most modern supermarkets, some duty-free import stores, modern leather shops and a many boutiques. Some electronics shops have duty-free Japanese imports like watches.
Plaza Zapato:
Another Tijuana mall worth visiting is its "shoe" plaza, a 2-story enclosed mall with lots shoes and boots for men, women, an dchildren, plus upscale leather clothing and a saddlery for the horseman that wants something speciall. Shoe and boot prices are half what they are for comparable footwear in the US.

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3 Hours to Cross Border Back to US
No Guns Allowed! (Instant Jail)

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