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Partying In Tijuana

Most Tourist Traps for Partying are on Ave Revolucion, past the big arch (see photo at left).
Iguana-Rana, El Torito, Eclipse, Tequila Sunrise, Senor Frogs, Senor Maguey are some of the most famous bars on Revolucion in Tijuana.
In Rosarito Beach, the most famous is Papas and Beers.
The most popular dance clubs in tijuana are the Eclipse Disco Club and Baby Rock.
Watch your wallet and purse, because there are active pickpockets everywhere.
You're best to stay away from the Red-Light District, just west of Revolucion, by Coahuila Avenue.
Hookers are lined up like flies, trying to get money to pay a coyote to take them across the border.

Get Mexican Car Insurance!
3 Hours to Cross Border Back to US
No Guns Allowed! (Instant Jail)

Zona Rio Tijuana

Centro Tijuana

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