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Bicycling In Tijuana

Bicycling in Tijuana is more dangerous than in the US.
There are more pits in the roads, and cars are driven more recklessly.
Bicycling used to lessen the wait time at the border to get back to the US, but things have changed, and currently bicyclists have to walk through Immigration, instead of bicycling through.
Drive times through Immigration to cross over to the US can be 3 hours, whereas walking through is often about 1-1/2 hours.
Bicycling around Tijuana can get you there faster than by foot, although some Taxis are very cheap.
There are 2 kinds of Taxis in Tijuana:
a) Taxis that follow a fixed route, like buses, and charge less, and
b) Taxis for hire to follow your whim, which charge more.
Bicycling is cheaper, but riskier.

Get Mexican Car Insurance!
3 Hours to Cross Border Back to US
No Guns Allowed! (Instant Jail)

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