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Why pay more for the same room? Pay less, get more, locally and worldwide.
Hotels in the US usually start at $50 a night, and go up from there.
Hotels in Tijuana can be cheaper, or more luxurious for the price, if you shop around.
One of the cheapest I found was Hotel El Economico Ave Madero 760 (534) Tijuana (Centro). Its Telephone number in Mexico is 01152(664)685-9893. At the time it cost 150 Pesos Single / 220 Pesos Double (about $16/$23). Prices may be a bit higher now. It's close to the Greyhound Bus Depot, on the north side of Centro, about a mile from the border crossing. Zona Rio is ritzier, usually higher priced, but you may find luxury cheaper than in the US.

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