The Best Holistic Medical Clinics in Tijuana

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This page will give you an overview of Holistic Health Clinics and Cancer Clinics in Tijuana, Mexico,
with other information on Holistic Biologic Dentists, Dental Laboratories and other Resources you may need to know.

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Fruit & Vegetables: Cheap Quiet Hotel Dental Tech Auto Repair
Fruteria Victor
5th & Av. Ocampo 447-9
(Interior Mercado Juarez)
Tijuana (Centro)
Tel. 88-2814
Hotel El Economico
Ave Madero 760 (534)
Tijuana (Centro)
(150Pesos Single / 220P Double in 2006)
Union Dental Tecnica
Ave Constitucion 1001#206
Tijuana (Centro)
($400 for Upper & Lower
False Teeth Total in 2006)
(2nd location at:)
Ricardo Flores Magón 8037
Tijuana (Centro) 01(664)685-4847
(1 of many:)
Garcipal Auto Repair
Ave. Baja California 1839
Zona Norte Tijuana

Free Internet WiFi in 1 (or 12?) Areas
2012: 1 Area = Centro de la Cultura de la Legalidad- Rio 3rd floor
2011: 12 Areas? - "Unidad Deportiva Ermita, el CREA, la explanada de Palacio Municipal, los parques Morelos, Teniente Guerrero, Azteca y de la Amistad, así como en las dos garitas de cruce a los Estados Unidos y el malecón de Playas de Tijuana." in the Sports Center, CREA, City Hall, 4 parks (Morelos, Teniente Guerrero, Azteca, la Amistad), and both exits to the US. (link gone - is this still true?)
Dentists: Biological(no Mercury/RootCanals)& Regular
(Intl Assoc for Biological Dentistry: A system which focuses on the unrecognized impact that dental toxins and hidden dental infections can have on overall health.
Contact American Academy of Biological Dentistry (408)659-5385.) Some are "Hal Huggins Certified" biological dentists.

Article on Biological Dentistry & Cavitations
Dr. Hal Huggins approved
American BioDental (877)207-0824 (USA TollFree)
In the GRAND HOTEL Twin Towers
4558 Agua Caliente Blvd., Suite CC 1B
Tijuana, Mexico
Dr. Javier Morales P.
6th #1217 (& Mutualismo) Zona Centro, Tijuana
01152(664)688-3248 / 688-3242 / fax685-3457
or [US] (619)734-2359
Dr. Morales website
Center For Biological Dentistry
Dr. Ezequiel ("Kelly") Lagos
U.S.: P.O. Box 210513 Chula Vista, CA. 91921-0513
680 Calle Cantera Playas Tijuana, Mexico
Fax: 0-11-(52664) 680-23-86
Dr. Lagos Website Fees Suggested Clinics For Tour
(not Biological Dentistry)
Dr. Laejandro Flores Lara
Moved to Costa Mesa, CA = Jacob Swilling, Ph.D.
Also uses Bio-Med Center in Tijuana

***** Centro Ortopedico de Tijuana
Ave. mutualismo#1312 (y 6ta)
(may have moved?)
Zona Centro, Tijuana
01152(664)685-2697/fax 685-5840
Dr. J.L Eduardo Guardiana M.
Calle 6ta 7885 (entre D y Mutualismo)
Zona Centro, Tijuana
***** Dr. Ongley - non-surgical Joint Reconstruction
US Info Office, San Diego, Mon & Tue (619)468-0055
Clinic Days in Ensenada, Mexico, Wed - Sat
Hotel Quintas Papagayo, Casa 1
Km. 108 Tijuana - Ensenada Highway
Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico
Tel. 01152 (61?) 74-5516
WebSite Testimonial
Medical Labs:
List of TJ Medical Labs
Laboratorio Klein
Blvd. las Lomas 15701 L 8 Altos
22420 Tijuana - Las Huertas 4Ta Secc
Laboratorios Tames
(faster than Klein, but costs more?)
AV. Ninos Heroes#1471 & #722
& Blvd Diaz Ordaz
Tijuana (Centro) 2600-6
fax 6882482 681-1307
M-F 8-7 / S 8-5 / S 8-12
Laboratorio Lucerna
(On Medical Panel of Tijuana)
Calle Germán Gedovius # 7-104
Tijuana (Zona Río)
Phone: 01152(664)6 84-1987
Eye & Ear Doctors:
***** Dr. Enrique Martinez Sarabia
Centro Medico Plaza#103
Calle Erasmo Castellanos # 1874-116
(Sanchez Aguado y ??) Zona Rio, Tijuana
Dr. Francisco Loranca Olguin
Hospital Guadalajara
Calle 2da #1413 (y Calle G)
Zona Centro, Tijuana

I buy my vitamins, minerals, herbs, Swedish Bitters, pet products, sports nutrition products,
apple cider vinegar, probiotics, EFAs, & superfoods online at AllStarHealth - Fantastic Low Prices:

(I only drive to Tijuana for stuff I can't get there.)

Cancer Clinics
(for more info on Alternative Therapies, see Cancer.htm

Health Tours and Organizations:,, Cancer Cure Foundation

Clinics Listed:
Gerson #1 CHIPSAGerson #2 CharlotteOasis / ContrerasBio-Med (Hoxsey)Bio-PulseMission Medical
Dr. Rubio American Metabolic InstituteHope 4 CancerStella MarisYolanda Fraire M.D.Sierra ClinicIssels-rogers Therapy
Donsbach / Alpha Medical / Hospital Santa MonicaManner ClinicInternational Bio-CareSanovivGenesis West Dr. Hulda Clark (died 9/3/2009)
Some of the Clinics Toured in the past:
(Very Flexible with many choices)
  • International Bio Care
  • Hospital Meridien,
  • Hospital Santa Monica
  • American Biologics
  • Oasis of Hope
  • Providence Pacific Hospital S.C
  • Iridology Clinic
  • Center For Biological Dentistry w/ Dr. Ezequiel Lagos
  • Cancer Control Society
    Convention September 2011
    Tijuana Clinic Tours Spring and Fall
  • Bio-Med (Hoxsey)
  • Gerson/CHIPSA
  • Hope 4 Cancer (Poly-MVA-Metabolic)
  • International BioCare (MultiPhasic)
  • Oasis of Hope (Laetrile-Metabolic)
  • Rubio Cancer Center (Rife-ImmuneVaccine)
  • Star-Med Clinic (Metabolic and H2O2)
  • Stella Maris Clinic (Laetrile-Metabolic).
  • List of Clinics by
    Cancer Cure Foundation
    +Gerson Therapy - 2 Organizations.
    1) Centro Hospitalario Internacional Pacifico S.A. (CHIPSA)
    PO 1850 ChulaVista, CA 91212 (877)424-4772
    2) Charlotte Gerson Treatment now at Oasis Hospital, 1st Floor
    (Ignore Browser Warning that Unsafe - US Doctors falsely reported it)
    +Oasis of Hope Hospital - Ernesto Contreras
    Paseo Playas #19
    Playas de Tijuana,Mexico
    PO Box 439045, San Ysidro, California 92143
    (888) 500-HOPE (4673)
    (619) 690-8450
    Fax: (619) 690-8410
    +Bio-MedCenter (Hoxsey Therapy)
    615 General Ferreira, Colonia Juarez
    Tijuana, B.C. Mexico.
    (Oll526)6-84-9011 /-9081 /-9082 /-9376 /fax-9744
    PO Box 433654, San Ysidro, California 92143-3654, U.S.
    903-385-9735; evenings 903-385-7334
    Page c/o
    +Sanoviv Health Resort
    Impressive environment - check with them for treatments   Treatments
    +Mission Medical Clinic:
    Life extending holistic program
    w/ European live cell therapy,
    GH3, Koch vaccine, chelation,
    counseling, diet, lifestyle, etc.
    at its hospital in Tijuana,Mex
    4492 Camino de la Plaza, #362
    San Ysidro, CA 92173
    (619)662-1578 -
    +American Metabolic Institute
    Dr. Rubio Cancer Clinic
    Granados 420, Tijuana (Fracc. La Mesa)
    524 Calle Primera Rd, #1005A
    San Ysidro, CA 92173
    4364 bonita Road #457
    Bonita, California 91902-1421
    Hope4Cancer Institute at St. Marc Hospital
    Avenida del Pacifico #650 Seccion Monumental
    Playas de Tijuana, B.C., Mexico
    Antonio Jimenez, M.D.
    482 W. San Ysidro Blvd. #1589
    San Ysidro, CA 92173 USA
    24-hour message center: 1-800 670-9124
    Mexico: 011 (526) 680-6569
    Fax: 011 (526) 680-6569
    +Stella Maris Clinic in Tijuana - Dr. Alvarez
    Tijuana, Mexico
    US Contact: PO Box 435123
    San Ysidro, CA 92143
    800-662-1319 / 619-662-1319 / 011-52-66-343444,
    (previously Donsbach) -Rosarito
    Hospital Santa Monica (now Alpha Medical)
    Avenida Mazatlan O/N
    Playa Santa Monica,Rosarito Beach,Mexico
    (800) 359-6547 / (619) 427-3007 / (619)428-1146 / 011-526-613-3333
    880 Canarios Court, Ste. 210, Chula Vista, California 91910, U.S
    Page c/o
    +Manner Clinic
    Heraclio Bernal #1, Fracc. Soler, C.P. 22100, Tijuana
    011 (526) 630-5869 / 011 (526) 630-5870
    U.S.: Harold Manner Memorial Hospital - PMB 63
    P.O. Box 439056 San Diego, Ca. 92143-9056
    Page c/o
    +[TJ "Genesis West" CLOSED]
    Now Costa Mesa, CA = Jacob Swilling, Ph.D.
    Treatment: ozone, Rife frequency, immunotherapy, electromagnetic, 714X, etc.
    Also uses Bio-Med Clinic in Tijuana 3151 Airway Avenue, Suite M-3 Costa Mesa, CA 92626 USA
    (714) 708-3600 / Fax: (714) 708-3609
    +International Bio Care Hospital and Medical Center
    (formerly Int'l Biologics Hospital)
    Treatment: metabolic, nutritional, bioelectric, live cell therapy, chelation, etc.
    Dr. Rodrigo Rodriguez, M.D.
    No.15 Azucenas St., Tijuana, B.C., Mexico 22440
    111 Elm St#209, SanDiego, CA 92101
    Clinic: (800)701-7345 (US/Can.)
    +CHIPSA - Center for Integrative Medicine - a modern full-service hospital Tijuana.
    CHIPSA treats all forms of cancer and is one of the few places in the world where patients can receive the Coley's Toxins modalities.
    They use a modified Gerson Diet.
    They also use the VG-1000 vaccine, CoQ10, Ozone Therapy, Hyperthermia, Laetrile, DMSO, Wobe Enzymes, Chelation, Biological Dentistry, diet, supplements, and a variety of other approaches.
    (877) 424-4772 (877-4-CHIPSA) -
    Fraire, Yolanda, MD
    Calle 8 #1941-A (Entre Revolucion & Madero-4th Floor)
    Tijuana, B.C., Mexico
    Sierra Clinic Inc.
    30003 Gobernador Logo, Suite 202
    Tijuana, B.C. Mexico
    Page c/o
    Issels-rogers Therapy
    Issels Therapy now at
    Notes: Clinics Closed or Limited by Government Action:
    St. Jude clinic (Jimmy Keller died 4/3/2009) closed
    Genesis West (now in CostaMesa,CA)
    Bio-Pulse limited (Insulin therapy prohibited - caused some Comas)
    BioPulse Clinic:
    BioPulse Rejuvenation Clinics have closed.
    We believe they are focusing their tumor maker test.
    They had a clinic in Mexico and one in Germany.
    We understand that in February, 2001, BioPulse came under target for offering alternative treatments that have not been proven to work. They have been stopped from doing their insulin coma therapy and dendritic vaccines.
    BioPulse was one of the few hospitals offering induced-hypoglycemic therapy, where the patient is put to sleep for approximately 90 minutes while the blood sugar is lowered considerably. It was claimed that cancer cells could not flourish under these conditions. Best results have been obtained for bone, brain, melanoma and renal cancer.
    However, until further notice, BioPulse will not be allowed to offer this therapy.
    Prev. mentioned on Site
    Dr. Hulda Regehr Clark's address was 757 Emory St. Suite 398 Imperial Beach. CA. 91932 619-424-9552; fax 619-424-7593
    Dr. Clark Research Association 8135 Engineer Rd., #2748, San Diego, California 92111
    Dr. Clark's Tijuana Clinic was shut down (Prosecutor brought false charges). Dr. Clark was arrested and won in a trial in Arkansas. Dr Clark died 9/2/2009
    email    Dr Clark died 9/2/2009     Wikipedia on Clark

    Please Note: Various Methods used by Cancer Clinics:

  • Natural Raw Foods, especially Carrot Juice & Greens - compare:,, and
  • Oxygen Therapy with Ozone or Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2)
  • Chelation Therapy (EDTA, etc) to remove heavy metals
  • Colon Therapy - clean out the poisons in the Intestines, then let the lymphatic system flush poisons into it
  • Metabolic Therapy
  • Laetrile B-17
  • Electronic "Zapper" technology, like Hulda Clark's Zapper - kills parasites with frequencies
  • Radionics energization
  • Rife Energy Enhancement
  • Homeopathy
  • Other

    ***** Dr. Luis Fabela (Dr. Rodriguez Cisneros)
    Calle 5a #1739 Altos entre Av. C y D)
    Zona Centro, Tijuana
    Hospital Paraiso
    Calle 6ta #7885 (entre Martinez y Mutualsimo)
    Zono Centro, Tijuana
    Calle 6ta #1193 (y Av. Ninos Heroes)
    Zona Centro, Tijuana

    Maps: (Click to enlarge / Right-Click to Save)
    more Maps & Info:
    TJ Info wider TJ area Map Tijuana Gov't Site Info Medical Panel of Tijuana

  • Tijuana top cop who fought cartels is out of a job Associated Press = Julian Leyzaola tried with unprecedented zeal to end the grip of drug cartels on one of Mexico's most notoriously corrupt police forces: In two years as top cop, he blanketed key parts of Tijuana with vetted officers, new patrol cars and military commanders, while purging hundreds of allegedly corrupt cops.
    The retired army officer survived a drug-gang assassination campaign that killed dozens of his officers. He says he rejected an $80,000-a-week offer from an emissary of Mexico's most-wanted drug lord, Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman.
    Now he's out of a job.
    Mayor-Elect Carlos Bustamante said he will appoint Leyzaola's closest aide, Gustavo Huerta, as public safety secretary when his term begins Tuesday. Huerta, 42, knows Tijuana and is positioned to build on recent successes, Bustamante's spokeswoman said.
    Leyzaola has been praised by President Felipe Calderon, U.S. Ambassador Carlos Pascual, U.S. law enforcement and Tijuana's business elite for standing up to the cartels and bringing order in the face of the city's worst drug violence.

    Chelation Therapy
    EDTA Chelation
    6. EDTA chelation therapy, done intravenously, is very good for removing the heavy toxic metals, which include lead, cadmium,,
    arsenic, nickel, copper, iron, mercury, and aluminum. Despherioximine works well, specifically as an aluminum-chelating agent.
    Garry Gordon Garry Gordon on Chelation
    Chelation & Dr. Morton Walker Tijuana & Human Growth Hormone


    The most unusual "Secret Shopping" area is an Underground Market covering an entire city block.
    Marked only by an easy-to-miss sign "Hotel Lafayette"
    In Search of Enhancement in Tijuana, Mexico (Pharmacies)

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