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Shop Tijuana / TJ, Mexico
Tijuana has 4 main parts: Centro, Rio, Playas, and suburbs.
Best known is old Downtown, called "Centro".
and the modern section to the east called "Rio" (river).
To the West are "Playas Tijuana" (Tijuana Beaches).
South is Rosarito Beach, popular for longer Tourist stays,
Tijuana itself is popular for one-day trips for shopping, medical/dental visits, Pharmacies (half U.S. prices), and fun.
Both Tijuana and Rosarito Beach are centers for Doctors and Dentists that heal with natural methods, and can't practice in the AMA/ADA/FDA-dominated U.S..
Cancer Clinics using Carrot Juice, raw foods, enemas, Hydrogen-Peroxide/Ozone, Herbs and other natural remedies help patients truly reverse disease by remission, by actually treating the cause of the disease, instead of just treating the symptom with harmful drugs.
Doctors in the U.S. use Drugs to Treat Symptoms, because the AMA (American Medical Association) can revoke a doctor's license if he uses methods that the AMA hasn't approved.
The AMA calls Doctors that don't use their methods "renegades", and routinely revokes their MD license.
Biological Dentists that have studied the Hal Huggins method can practice here with fewer hassles from government and the ADA (American Dental Association). With fewer hassles and the lower cost of living in Mexico, Biological Dentists in Tijuana charge much less than those in the U.S.
The quality of work by a Biological Dentist is much better than all other types of Dentists, in the U.S. or anywhere else.
Health Problems are often caused by "normal dentists'" Amalgam (Mercury) Fillings, Root Canals, and lack of knowledge to properly "pull a tooth" by also scraping the ligament off the bone so it doesn't fester and later cause Cavitation/Osteo-Necrosis with Infection of the Sinuses.
Patients flock to Biological Dentists from around the world to remove Mercury Fillings, to get proper tooth extractions and to correct Cavitation Problems.
(I use the famous Dr. Javier Morales in Tijuana Centro).
Cancer Clinics that actually heal people abound in Tijuana, Playas Tijuana and Rosarito Beach.
Check out our Tijuana Info at

Wait Times for U.S. Border Crossing

Call (619)690-8999 for San Ysidro Wait Times - (619)671-8999 for Otay Wait Time
call 016-700-7000 from Mexico

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Get Mexican Car Insurance!
3 Hours to Cross Border Back to US
No Guns Allowed! (Instant Jail)

Zona Rio Tijuana

Centro Tijuana

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